How olive oil is made:

After monitoring the fruit for ripeness, arrangements are made for laborers to carefully hand pick the olives.

  • We "carefully handpick" the olives so they are not bruised or damaged, nor do they fall to the ground which changes the flavor and often causes odors in the oil and, the fruit can be more readily inspected for "quality".

The olives are "immediately" sent to the olive press as they overheat easily and this too changes the flavor and shelf life of the end product.   The manzanilla olives and mission olives are run through the press individually.

The olives are run through a wash and separator, separating any leaves or small branch particles from the olives.

They are then sent through the press and separator which separate the flesh of the olive and the seed from the water and oil.

A third separator separates the water from the oil.          

The oil then sits for one month to eliminate the hydrogen peroxide (which is a natural attribute).

The oil is tasted (both the mission oil and manzanilla and then the blending starts until we reach what we think is the perfect blend.

The oil is always stored in a dark place between 45 and 60 degrees to preserve its table life which is two years .